Fromage Blanc


Fromage BlancFromage Blanc $5 for 6 ounces

Fromage Blanc is a fresh cheese found in many French larders, it is prized for its smooth texture and bright acidity.
It’s an extremely versatile cheese, used in countless applications from sweet to savory.

Savory Serving Suggestions:
Enjoy on crackers or bread with a drizzle of salt, pepper and olive oil.
Spread on toast and top with a sunny side up fried egg.
Use as a filling in lasagna or ravioli.
Serve on flatbread with bacon, caramelized onions and arugula.Mix with mashed potatoes for a robust flavor.  Add to pasta sauce for a creamy acidity. 

Sweet Serving Suggestions:
Drizzle with honey on fresh bread.
Spread on bread with bananas and quince jam.
Use to make cheese cake.

Fromage Blanc is a supporting cheese.  It is meant to elevate whatever it is added to.